Daily Routine Chart




The Monkey & Chops Daily Routine Chart is fully magnetized. The bright, colourful and thick magnets are perfect for little fingers to handle. Attach it to the fridge at the right height for your child where it is highly visible and easy for them to view each morning and night.

What’s Included?

              Daily Routine Chart                              Task Magnets                    Magnetic Pen

Weekly Activity PlannerWeekly Activity MagnetsMagnetic Pen

Each Daily Routine Chart includes a base magnet with two rows (one for morning and one for evening routines) as well as a range of smaller task magnets. The task magnets depict routine tasks that parents encourage their children to carry out upon waking up in the morning and before going to bed each night. They are of simple and colourful design so kids can easily identify and relate to each task. Click here to view the list of task magnets included in your Daily Routine Chart.

How To Use The Daily Routine Chart

Children respond well to routine. The Monkey & Chops Daily Routine Chart is designed to teach your child about what their individual routines look like. It aims to encourage your child to learn and understand the order of tasks in their morning and evening routines, whilst developing independence and confidence in performing these tasks along the way.

Each family can individualise their child’s/children’s routine by using the range of task magnets included. By involving your child in the “routine building” process using the magnetized routine chart, your child will develop a sense of ownership of their morning and evening routines. As younger children become more familiar with their daily routines, you will see the enjoyment and satisfaction they gain from completing the tasks “all by themselves”. As they grow older, the morning and evening routines will become second nature and your child will have a better understanding of tasks that need to be completed in the busy morning rush to get the day underway and during the evening in order to wind down before bedtime.

For working parents, parents of multiple children, or, parents who enjoy order and compliance at the start and end of the day, moderation of your child’s behaviour can be achieved by greater understanding of their daily routine. When children know what they are expected to do and have a colourful and easy guide to follow, they are more likely to comply with accomplishing the tasks at hand.



Build The Routine And Encourage Independence!

So go ahead and build the morning and evening routines with your child and enjoy the benefit of growing independence. Click on the links above to view the Daily Routine Chart and task icons and purchase one for your child today!